When things get stressful and irritating, don’t you wish you could go back in time... back to a time when mom cooked for you, when people were nice to you, when someone took care of you? We at The Motherloaded Tavern hear you! We have created a place that is warm, where servers treat you as part of the family (part of the family you actually like... you know funny uncle Bob, or Grandma Hon, who was always there for you),  and where our talented chefs cook for you. (Heck, we even have people that will do the dishes.) So, travelers and neighbors, sit back, relax, and feel free to be yourself. Welcome to our home. Homemade recipes have followed each of us from childhood, to re-create an atmosphere of remembrance and frivolity. If we have missed something that was an integral part of your childhood, let us know... you never know, you might be famous down the road!

    We thank all of our friends and family who have contributed their special recipes and support. We hope you will share some of your family stories and traditions with us. Please let this become your home away from home! Eat some spam, toast a marshmallow, take a sip of mad dog, and try not to take life so seriously.

    Please eat and drink responsibly, don’t forget to brush your teeth, and enjoy the journey.

             With Love,

                  The Motherloaded Tavern.

    Welcome to the Motherloaded Tavern, where you are part of the family. Come in and join us at your home away from home, and see what Mama’s got cooking up. Whether your in the mood for chicken and waffles, mac n’ cheese, or one of our tasty salads with homemade dressing, we’ve got you covered.

    Like Mom, we don’t take reservations, so just come on in. We’ll leave the light on.

The Story So Far...

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Please read the following. We ask that you please abide by the new service laws put in place by the local government.

  1. 1.Tables must remain 8 feet apart at all times

  2. 2.Groups may NOT exceed 8 people

  3. 3.No self seating is allowed. If we are on a wait, we please ask that you wait outside the restaurant.

  4. 4.Guests MUST wear a mask upon entering the building. Once you have been seated, you may take your mask off. However, anytime you leave your table (bathroom usage, etc.) you must have your mask on.

We very much appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we adapt to these interesting times. Remember to Love one another, and PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!